Filopto Financial Management

Filopto provides all the tools you need to effectively manage and review the financial progress of your business.

Eye on your Business

Eye on your Business gives you the Business Intelligence and the Financial Management Control that is only found in larger and more expensive solutions.  This modules monitors and analyses your business activities to give you a real-time analysis of how your business is doing.  With extensive reporting, charts and key indicators, you can keep on top of managing your business.   Eye on Your Business


Invoicing / Billing / Claims / Dispensing

Filopto’s Invoicing, Billing, Claims and Dispensing, module provides the features required to keep track of your financial transactions.  designed for Optical stores, Opticians, Optometrist, and Ophthalmologist, it keeps you in control of your business.  Starting with the Picture Me option to help close that sale,  to connectivity with the  QuickBooks Pro connector, to supporting e-payments and credit cards,  Filopto is designed to properly document, track and speed up your check out process.  Comprehensive and directly connected to your Inventory it can help you manage effectively your office.  Invoicing Billing Dispensing



Picture Me:   make your patient Shopping Special!  With Picture Me you can help your Patients make the right choice by letting them see themselves wearing the glasses of their choice.   Picture Me!

Claim Management

Claims Management is important to your cash flow.   Managing Claims efficiently is mandatory! Filopto Claim Manager gives you access to every aspect of a claim from preparation, submission to payment.   Filopto supports most North America insurance claim jurisdictions including HIPAA-CMS-1500, NS-MIS, OHIP, BC-MSP, Alberta Health,  Manitoba Health. Manitoba Blue Cross. The Claim Manager permits you to see each claim and it status.  Optional modules include a USA Medical Coder & Claim Scrubber & ICD9 to ICD10 Converter and  connectivity to the various insurance claim processors.   Insurance claims


Your Inventory can represent the second largest financial asset in your business. Managing it properly is key to growth and financial stability.  Filopto Inventory module is designed for Optical stores, Opticians, Optometrist, and Ophthalmologist and  includes a vendor tracking module, purchase order module, sales tracking, re-ordering features, bar coding, pricing options, user inventory customizable groups and categories, a FramesData connector  and much more   Inventory


 Employee Manager

“Your employees are key to your success”   Properly managing your employees will help increase your chance of success.  Filopto provides tools to manage your employees as well as tools that can increase efficiency.  The advanced Employee Manager includes a Time Clock for easy tracking of staff hours and payroll preparation.  Employee Manager

Employee Message Manager: Keep your staff informed of important developments!

Employee Time clock permits you to easily track your employees time sheet and with the optional QuickBooks Pro connector you can import the time sheets.

Task Manager: Stop worrying and record and track the task to completion.   Task Manager

Message Manager:  Need to leave instructions for staff!  by using the message manager you not only can ask a question to staff but leave them instructions so that your practice function properly.  Message manager


Reports and Forms Manager

The Report / Form Manager empower you with information to assess: efficiency and performance, areas for concern, marketing information and potential factors for growth. Financial feedback and client analysis eliminates speculation and guesswork.  Filopto offers extensive reporting capability with over 600 user customizable reports and forms. If these are not enough you can even create your own using our advance report writer.   Reports & Forms Manager


Patient Communication Manager

Customized Patient Communications. Quickly create personalized patient letters, newsletters, postcards, routing slips, and labels.  Integrated with Microsoft Word for additional flexibility in sending a patient communication. Communicate with your patients via email, if desired.



Automatic Secure Backup Service 

Our secure and encrypted cloud base automatic backup service can backup your Filopto data as well as any other program, document or file.  The Accra Backup service supports MS Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and UNIX.  Stored on our secure and encrypted servers your data is safely backed up using the latest technology that meets or exceed all government regulations such as PIPEDA and HIPAA. Set it and get notified each time your backup has completed so you can be confident that your business is well protected.

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