Partners & Affiliates

Connectivity is key in this Internet-connected world.  Be it connectivity with existing diagnostic devices or software, they are both a key requirement of a connected solution like Filopto.  Partnering with industry technology and eye care leaders gives you better solutions for your practice needs.   We support numerous connections with various Partners, Associates, and Affiliates.  ( See the Filopto EMR for  a partial list of the various diagnostic devices we support) If you do not see one of your partners,  contact us and we can probably build the connection required to link your needs with Filopto.

Accra Med Software works with a variety of technology and eye care partners, associates and affiliates to bring you a product that can work in the real world and that can talk and interact with various other products and services you may wish to use.  Following is a list of some of our distinguished technology and eye care partners, associates and affiliates.


Talksoft   Talksoft  – A complete cycle of patient engagement services. –

PayPros e-payment service credit cards debit cards - partnersMedical Code Solutions – Partner for US Claim Scrubbing, Medical Coder, ICD9-ICD10 Translator  –


 Transnational – e-payment processor  –

TransFirst – e-payment processor –

 USA based – e-claim processor gateways


Alberta Health – Claims –


partners -Province of British Columbis - MSP - BC Optometrist software , BC Ophthalmologist softwareBritish Columbia-Medical Service Plan – Claims –


    Manitoba Health – Claims –


Manitoba – Blue Cross – Claims  –


       Nova Scotia – MSI – Claims  –


Ontario OHIP – Claims  –



  FramesData – Quarterly Frame Inventory Database –


 Hoya Vision Care /Hoya Optics – Company Product List – import to inventory.-


US National Library of Medicine – RxNorm – Rx and drugs database  –



   Arch Crown –  Optical Tags/Labels/Printers/Bar codes –


    American Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators


 national ePrescribingpatient Satefy Initiative


Zeiss  –  Zeiss Partner – Diagnostic Equipment –



    Topcon –  Topcon Partner – Diagnostic Equipment –


      MARCO  – Marco Partner  – Diagnostic Equipment –


   Nidek Eye and Health care – Diagnostic Equipment  –


   Heidelberg Engineering  – Diagnostic Equipment –


    Synemed Advanced Retinal Imaging  – Partner –


 Peridata manages the visual field data of your office or clinic –


 The Retina Company a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals for improved patient care. –


 Datalogic- Barcode Readers Manufacturer –


 Health Management Technology – Resource Magazine and Site –



     The Optical Help Desk –


Intuit QuickBooks Accounting System  –


   Intuit QuickBooks Accounting System –


Intel Case Study of Filopto   –   Intel Filopto Case Study



Microsoft – Partner  –     Microsoft – Office Integration –



   LibreOffice – Report integration with Libre Office –


  Open Office  – Report integration with Open Office –


  Open Document Format  – Report integration with Open Document Format –


FireBird Foundation – SQL  Database   –


HL7  – Standard for medical exchange of information –



   Industry Canada –


 ICMI / ICIS  – ICD10 – ca   Diagnostic codes –


  CMS -ICD10 Diagnostic Codes  –