Purchase / Subscription (rental)

Why Filopto?

Whether you choose to purchase or prefer the subscription pricing option, you get the same Filopto eye care system. Filopto is an integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management and optical management solution that is affordable, cost-effective and simple to use. Filopto eyecare optometry and optical software for Windows is ideal for ophthalmologists, eye care professionals and retail optical locations wanting a simple and easy-to-use system to manage operations.

Filopto’s open source technology allows a comprehensive feature rich system designed to support single or unlimited locations.  Our support  is exceptional and our goal is to bring you the best value in optometry/optical software and support.  What that means is high quality, reliability, simple-to-use software along with an experienced support team that can answer your questions and meet your unique needs.  The solution is designed to be affordable, whichever pricing option meets your needs.

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Subscription (Rental) Service:  Also known as Software as a service (SaaS) is software which is licensed to customers as a rental service.  The benefit is no capital outlay and easy monthly charges with updates, new versions and support all included in one price.








Purchase Option: The traditional software acquisition method with a maintenance and support option to provide complete and full service.