Task Manager

Stop worrying and record and track the task to completion.


Never before has it been this easy to create tasks and keep track of the things to do.  No more, ” It fell between the cracks”.

Filopto’s optional Task Manager can assign and keep track of tasks for staff.  The Task Manager is a great way to keep on top of things so items do not fall between the cracks.

Managing the issues and problems that emerge during the day is a critically important task, but one that’s hard to do effectively. Filopto’s Task Manager gives you the tools to create and track the progress of the various items you or your staff need to do.

The Task Manager permits a user to create tasks and to manage them to completion.  A task is a personal or work-related errand you want to track through completion.

In addition to creating your own tasks, you can create tasks that you assign to others.  The Task Manager displays all assigned tasks associated with an employee.

A subset of the Task Manager, located in the Patient file, allows for the creation, tracking and assignment of Patient tasks to employees.