Claim Management Features

Claims Management is important to your cash flow. Managing it efficiently is mandatory!

On-Screen Editing of Claims
Insurance Claim Manager
Patient Insurance Policy Manager
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With Filopto you can efficiently manage and track how your claims are progressing. Filopto Insurance Claim system can help you define the insurance companies you want to use, track by company and patient each claim and provide you with the tools to do it all automatically with little human intervention or errors. Reducing coding error mean getting paid faster! by using Filopto’s artificial intelligence business rules, users can enter once the coding and payment rules of an insurance company and have Filopto rate and automatically create the claims every time. Start managing your claims the easy way by using Filopto. Filopto Insurance Claims Manager keeps you informed and helps you decide which insurance company you want to do business with. 



Accurate HIPAA-compliant e-claimsmean fewer claim denials. Expedite reimbursements, eliminate lost charges, and increase revenue with a few clicks.

  • Submit HIPAA-compliant electronic claims to Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCross BlueShield, and all major commercial insurance carriers via GatewayEDI clearinghouse the same day you see patients. Filopto is compliant with all payers/carriers to whom the GatewayEDI send electronic claims. Ensure all required information is included before you transmit the electronic claims by using built-in edit checks Automated claim processing
  • Claim advisor identifies missing informationbefore you create a claim and permits entry of the missing information without having to leave the input screen.
  • Ability to scan and save patient insurance cards
  • Claim Status and History tracking
  • Track claims by patient, insurance companies and processing status
  • View claims by outstanding days
  • extensive claim aging and status reporting
  • supports unlimited number of eligibility and billing rules per insurance policy for automated processing
  • Billing rules can also automate write-off or transfersto patient
  • HIPAA compliant e-claims
  • uses artificial intelligence to calculate claims
  • user defined insurance policy rules
  • track reject codesto improve your submissions
  • includes an automated insurance policy rule tester
  • unlimited number of policies can be entered
  • over 13 different insurance rule types are available
  • integrated with the invoice manager
  • supports web-based, electronic, manual and batch claims processing
  • automatic preparation of CMS-1500 (HCFA),
  • supports Nova Scotia MSI,
  • supports Manitoba BlueCross
  • supports Manitoba Health form
  • supports Alberta Health form
  • supports OHIP form
  • supports BC-MSP form
  • Internet connectivity to third-party electronic claims systems
  • supports CPT and ICD-9 codes which are included with software
  • Eye on your Business provides snap shot of claim issues and claim status as well as the revenue you get from each insurance company.
  • Tracks the write-offs required by each insurance company

 Filopto eye care practice Management system US Claim connector for TriZetto

Accra Med Software Inc has partnered with Trizetto / Gateway EDI E-Claims Service to provide electronic claims processing service in Filopto. Health care providers trust Gateway EDI’s complete support system of people and tools to maximize their revenue and increase cash flow. As one of the nation’s fastest growing health care EDI providers, Gateway EDI offers simple solutions to complex  electronic connectivity challenges. GatewayEDI technology improves your efficiency by  automating key business functions — from standard claims processing and status reports to sophisticated technology for flagging rejected claims. Gateway EDI’s easy-to-use, powerful tools are perfect for any size practice. For more Information visit:  


It ‘s child play to improve your coding and maximize your insurance claim returns ! The MedicalCoder Assistant by Accra Med Software Inc. is a tool available at your finger tips and which is constantly updated to insure you have the latest rules. With built-in help and easy navigation you can quickly start using it and become efficient fast! The Ultimate tool to minimize your coding challenge and optimize your insurance claims! CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPCS, RVU, CCI, Modifiers, Place of Service, with Crosswalk from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and from ICD-10 to ICD-9, with a built-in claim scrubber to optimize your claims before you submit them, the Medical Coder Assistant makes it easy to get your insurance claims right on the first try. Optimized by state and regions, the Medical Coder Assistant guides you with easy and comprehensive descriptions and messages that identifies if a modifier or another code is needed or if a code should precede another for maximum payment.  Using the code scrubber will help you maximize your insurance claim payments, reduce errors and get paid faster! Subscribe Now and Receive a Free One on One Tutorial  Schedule your demo Now Cancel Within the First 30 Days – Full Money Back Guarantee

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Filopto supports Canadian jurisdictions for claim processing.  Canadian Insurance Claims Connector