Canadian Claim Connectors

Filopto supports Canadian Claim processing services and we are adding more.


Filopto Canada Claim Manager   Canada Only

Speed up your Canadian Claim payments and provided your patient with an easy payment solution when dealing with insurance payors.  Filopto support various insurance connectors permitting the easy transmission of canadian claims to the various insurance  payors.  Each insurance connector is specifically designed and certified by the insurance payor.   Filopto supports the following Canadian Claim providers:


Filopto Claim Manager for BC-MSP Canadian Claim

British Columbia : British Columbia Health Claims- Medical Services Program – MSP services

Filopto Claim Manager for Manitoba Canada Canadian Claim



Manitoba: Manitoba Health Services

Manitoba:  Blue Cross Claim Services

Filopto Claim manager for Nova Scotia Canada Canadian Claim



Nova Scotia : Nova Scotia Health – Medical Services Insurance Claim Program – MSI services


Filopto Claim Manager for Ontario Canada Canadian Claim


Ontario: Ontario Health Insurance Claims service (OHIP)


Filopto Claim Manager for Alberta Health Services Canadian Claim

Alberta: Alberta Health Claims Services


If you do not see your Insurance processor above, give us a call — we may be able to help you.