Inventory Management Features

Your Inventory can represent the second largest asset in your business. Managing it properly is key to growth and financial stability.


Filopto provides a real-time Inventory system with all the tools and reports needed. Find out which product is selling and which product needs to be discontinued. With the built-in just-in time purchase order system you can maximize the return of your Inventory.

With detailed information instantly available, the real-time inventory manager can control your products/services and keep you informed.

The inventory includes eleven (11) different types of item classes and supports an unlimited number of user customizable categories and groups to manage your services and inventory items.

You can even define your own custom inventory product packages, which can contains several items and/or services as one sale item.


Price Discount Rules

The Inventory Price Discount Business Rule Manager works with the Insurance Business Rules to select the proper price for a given item or service. You can easily manage an inventory sale or a group discount or a special price you must charge for an item using these time sensitive pricing business rules.

  • inventory is integrated with the invoice, the invoice automatically updates the inventory stock information
  • inventory listings and analysis
  • multiple pricing options
  • promo-pricing capabilities
  • digital picture of item
  • Bar Coding of items
  • sales histories included
  • purchase histories included
  • inventory item copy function
  • office stock transfer tracking
  • supports user defined packages
  • automatic on-hand and re-order alerts
  • purchase order creation and tracking
  • vendor list and information
  • vendor purchase tracking
  • customizable pricing per office
  • supplier list and information
  • unlimited reporting capabilities
  • Purchase Order (P.O.) Manager
  • Support LIFO, FIFO and real-time inventory valuation
  • Price Discount and Sales Business Rules (artificial intelligence)
  • Support for FamesData CD service information


Frames DATA Connector

FramesData Connector® is an optional software module that permits the transfers of the data from the FramesData Quarterly CD subscription service into Filopto’s Inventory module. You can easily incorporate all pertinent information in the Filopto Inventory module – from bar code to product image – by selecting the product line you wish to import from your subscription CD.Filopto Eye care practice management System - FrameData Quarterly-CD connector

The FramesData Quarterly CD service is a product of Frames Data, Inc.


Hoya product list can be imported via the Hoya connector directly into the Filopto Inventory.