Invoicing / Dispensing / Billing

Creating an Invoice doesn’t have to be complicated,

with Filopto creating your invoice is easy!

Filopto automatically pre-enters all the base information needed, permitting your staff to concentrate on the items sold and provide great customer service. Fully integrated with the inventory module prices and availability are automatically provided. Users can also easily link items to create a Lab Order. Filopto’s invoice automatically displays what the patient and insurance owes for ease of use. Invoices are user customizable to provide that special service level that makes your establishment unique.

Invoice / Dispensing Management Features

  • full retail solution with invoice, inventory management and history
  • track, view, sort invoices easily
  • built-in Invoice ledger
  • automatically shows what patient owes and what insurance owes
  • supports taxes, sales commissions, insurance claims and discounts
  • supports multiple payments, refunds, adjustments, Credit Memos
  • supports e-payments (credit cards and e-checks)
  • supports custom pricing rates and auto-claims pricing
  • supports bar coding for fast and reliable data entry
  • fully integrated with real-time inventory
  • data merge to your QuickBooks Pro accounting system
  • automated Claims Preparation using artificial intelligence
  • on-screen editing of claims
  • insurance Policy easy lookup
  • insurance and Patient alerts
  • Lab Order processing and tracking
  • instant status of all outstanding lab orders
  • linked with EMR – Providers can provide instructions to staff
  • linked with EMR – Providers can enter their fees and ICD9 codes
  • built-in invoice Collection tracking
  • office use section for private notes
  • Print User customizable Invoice comments
  • easy prescription printing
  • user customizable invoice and forms
  • supports patient recall creation at invoice time
  • Security features to limit user ability to actions such as Void, Refunds, Discounts etc…

E- Payments

Being able to take credit cards and other electronic payment options is easy with Filopto’s  e-payment option.


QuickBooks Pro Connector

The Filopto QuickBooks Pro connector makes keeping your accounting up-to-date simple and easy.

With over 25 years of experience and used by over 4.4 million businesses worldwide, Intuit QuickBooks is a leader in the accounting Industry. The small business accounting program market (SMB is defined as less companies with less than 100 employees and no more than 500 employees). Many of our clients are SMB and are looking for an easy way to do their accounting. With Filopto’s QuickBooks Pro connector, Filopto can easily transfer the accounting information directly into QuickBooks Pro, simplifying the accounting process and reducing time needed to manage the business.


   Intuit QuickBooks Pro Connector

Transfer your accounting data directly into QuickBooks Pro using Filopto’s Connector for Intuit QuickBooks





Fully integrated with the Inventory System for easy management of your inventory items and services.