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Credit Card, vCard, vPay and e-Payment Acceptance Programs


ACCRA Med Software Inc. has partnered with two leaders in healthcare specific e-payments processing firms, to provide an integrated module for processing various e-payments,  credit card, debit card, and electronic bank account transactions directly in the Filopto™ Eye Care Practice Management System.

This e-payments module combines specialized software with a card-reading device that easily attached to any personal computer. The features of these e-payments services brings added functionality to your existing eye care software, saving valuable time for staff and patients at check out, and leading to fewer bad debt accounts and less frequent check handling.

There is no longer a need for standalone point-of-sale terminals and dedicated phone lines to process payments. Using IP-based technology, making a payment is simple and immediate.

Each of these e-payments services includes important features such as real-time reporting, low processing rates, gross deposits to the bank account of your choice, and exceptional 24/7 customer service and technical support.



TransFirst Health Services


TransFirst Health Services  provides expertise in e-payments, Visa / MasterCard compliance, expertise in relevant HIPAA compliance, and best understands the intricacies of a healthcare office offering a customized, easy-to-read account e-payments statement that can also be accessed via the Internet. This service gives vision care providers the required tools to expedite cash flow, reduce accounts receivable, minimize check-out time, and increase office efficiencies.

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e-mail : Filopto@transfirst.com
website : http://www.transfirst.com

Tel : 1-800-654-9256






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When weighing your options for e-payments solutions, consider this: Payment Processing, Inc. develops and maintains its own gateway technology 100% in-house. Why does it matter? Because e-payments processing is highly complex and issues will arise. When that happens, there’s only one call to make. PPI has the experience, the technical savvy and the customer-first outlook to ensure you can always accept payments…whenever and however you need.


Payment Professional Incorporated (PPI)

e-mail : http://www.paypros.com/contact/
website : http://www.paypros.com/

Tel : 1-800.774.6462