Picture Me!

Make the shopping experience Special with Picture Me!

A fun and interactive buying experience with no buyer’s remorse. A high quality digital imaging system that offers your practice numerous ways in which to enhance it’s image, improve customer service as well as increase your dispensing sales.

Improve the buying experience with Picture Me!


Picture Me! is better than a mirror since it records your patient trying on new products. This optional software facilitates real-time viewing and provides printed copies of your patient trying on a product. It helps you make the sale and gives your patient a better sales experience. Patients like to try things on but soon forget which one they liked. With Picture me! you can help them make the sale for you.

This is an excellent service to provide and can increase sales. The patient can more easily choose from a selection of frames or assess contact lens color suitability. The printing of the images can include the price and order information.

A color printer is recommended . Requires a Windows (Twain) compatible camera.