QuickBooks Connector

With over 30 years of experience and used by millions of  businesses worldwide, Intuit QuickBooks is a leader in the accounting Industry. The small business accounting program market (SMB is defined as less companies with less than 100 employees and no more than 500 employees). Many of our clients are SMB and are looking for an easy way to do their accounting. With Filopto’s QuickBooks Pro Connector, Filopto can easily transfer the accounting information directly into QuickBooks, simplifying the accounting process and reducing time needed to manage the business.

   Intuit QuickBooks Connector

Transfer your accounting data directly into QuickBooks Pro using Filopto’s QuickBooks Pro Connector for Intuit QuickBooks.  By linking your QuickBooks accounts to the Filopto connector you can transfer the accounting data from Filopto to Quickbooks with the single click of a button.


 Simplify your accounting function with the Filopto QuickBooks Connector.