Patient Management

Patient Management – Provide a Professional image by being organized!

IDC Canada research suggests that $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year due to a worker’s inability to find the data they require to do their job.

That’s a lot of money wasted—wouldn’t you like to have that back? Filopto’s Patient Management feature helps you organize your information in an electronic health record (EHR) that is easy to use and easy to locate. The information of a patient is centralized and accessible by all at any time.

 Filopto eye care patient Managmeent system  - EHR /EMR/ Patient Chart

Patient Management Features

Save Time, Reduce Customer Wait, and Provide Better Customer Service. Electronic Health Records (EHR) include all of these benefits and more. By providing a professional and efficient service, patients will want to come back! Filopto provides you with the tools to improve your Customer Service and become more efficient.

Comprehensive and simple to use are the key to the Filopto Electronic Health Records (EHR). From the moment your patient calls your office for an appointment, Filopto is at work giving your staff the information and tools they need to make your patient’s appointment comfortable, efficient and personal. From retrieving key patient information, medical and financial alerts, scheduled appointments, insurance information and account balances – all are available at your fingertips.

The information stored in Filopto allows you to easily:

  • Provide an informed, efficient and professional image to your patient
  • Improve your Customer Service
  • Save time and increase your staff efficiency
  • Generate enhanced ‘Welcome’ and ‘Registration Forms’ to easily capture patient demographics, insurance, visual and medical history
  • Track insurance benefit details and authorizations for automatic calculations of co-pays, deductibles and other important billing details
  • Track and review the patient’s complete prescription and purchase history
  • Use one of the many customizable pre-built letters and forms to keep in touch with your patients
  • Scan and link documents to a patient record with PaperFreeTM module.
  • Store a digital image of the patient’s photo to help staff connect a face with each patient’s record and reduce identity fraud
  • Increase appointments and reduce patient no-shows with money-making recalls.

The patient file is fully integrated with other modules and is divided into several major sections for easy reference and use.

Comprehensive patient records for history and clinical information

Automatic recall

Customized patient communications via the Communication Manager

Ability to view multiple patient records at once

– unlimited patient demographics information
– unlimited number of patients
– screen allows comprehensive information
– easy assignment of guarantor
– patient referral tracking
– household / family tracking
– track recalls and recall notices effectiveness

– exam / EMR/ EHR history
– easy-to-use patient chart
– dictionary of terms for fast entry
– supports Diagnostic and Procedure codes ICD-9, ICD10 and CPT codes
– links to prescriptions to minimize data entry
– prescriptions
– linked to exam and invoicing
– includes pharmaceutical drugs
– includes e-prescribing support

– purchase history
– invoice history and invoice ledger
– payments with full histories
– insurance & claim detail history with payments
– authorization number tracking
– collection management
– guarantor management facility
– service agreements with tracking

Patient Journal
– automated journal of all patient activities

Task Manager
– manage the tasks to be completed for the patient

Alert Manager
– manage Alerts for patients – advise staff of important things to remember.

PaperFreeTM Manager
– manage patient (paper) documents – helps eliminate paper files by storing them electronically and eliminates your paper storage costs