PaperFree ® Document Manager


PaperFree ® Document Manager facilitates the paperless office, by recording and managing all the documents associated with a patient

IDC Canada research suggests that $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year due to a worker’s inability to find the data they require to do their job.

That’s a lot of money wasted—wouldn’t you like to have that back?   Get PaperFree for your office!

  • With PaperFree ® a high level of office efficiency is achieved
  • with  PaperFree ®  records are consistently faster to locate and easy to read
  • with  PaperFree ®  physical storage space requirements and costs are reduced

Save Money With PaperFree

PaperFree ® document manager gives you the power to assemble all of your patient information electronically, so it can be retrieved at the click of the mouse. Scan document files flawlessly, attaching a copy to each patient’s account while automatically creating all the associations needed to track the information. PaperFree Document Manager also inputs patient records, referral letters, insurance cards, photos, electronic files, etc., whatever you want to make their file complete. PaperFree Document Manager supports all types of files including multimedia files such as photos, sounds, movies and other multimedia formats.

PaperFree supports (partial list) :

Microsoft Word Documents

Microsoft Excel Documents

Microsoft  Powerpoint Documents

Microsoft Visio Documents

Microsoft Publisher Documents


Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents

Open Document format (OpenOffice, Libre Office, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Office,  and many others)

Video formats:  all video formats including:  mov, mp4, mkv, flv,  ogv, ogg, avi,wmv, rm, rmvb, asf, mpg (partial list)

Image formats:  all image formats including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, DICOM, JPEG 2000, EMF, PCX, PIC, PICT, PSD, PSP, SGI, TGA, WMF, XBM, over 400 formats in addition to various camera formats among others (partial list)

Sound Formats:  all sound formats

Data Formats:  all data formats