Reports & Forms

The Reports and Form Manager Help You Grow your Practice!

With good information at your fingertips you can make better decisions!


A key building block to practice growth is Filopto’s unlimited reporting and marketing capability.

The Report Manager empower you with information to assess: efficiency and performance, areas for concern, marketing information and potential factors for growth. Financial feedback and client analysis eliminates speculation and guesswork

The Marketing and Communication Manager permits you to stay in contact with your patients via mail, telephone, fax mail outs, newsletters or e-mail.

Stay in contact with your Patients by using the e-Mail Manager. Send newsletter, flyers or other communication via email and build your customer relationship by keeping your Patients up-to-date with changes in your practice.

Create custom reports, custom forms, letters, newsletter, lists, e-mails mailing labels, and charts.

An unlimited amount of reports and forms can be created by the user in Filopto. These reports and forms can be modified to more specific needs such as membership cards, graphic data representation and more …

In addition our Communication Manager provides users with the ability to merge any information from Filopto into their custom built document in Microsoft Office Word or Open Office . Using the optional e-mail manager you can even send them via e-mail or fax.


Unlimited Reports and Forms

•Create professional-looking custom documents, forms and financial reports

•easily generate useful management reports

•analyze profits and performances
choose from over 600 customizable reports, forms, letters, labels and Patient Handouts

•Ask A Question answers any question quickly and easily

•Reports Manager provides a custom and easy to use reporting tool

•Form Manager provides the ability to create custom forms.

•2D and 3D graphic interpretation option

•track sales and bank deposits

•reports can be arranged for easy retrieval by frequency of use

•the Communication Manager permits the merging of Filopto data in MS Word or Open Office , LibreOffice letters, newsletters and other marketing items

•Export reports and forms easily – supports over 20 different formats including Microsoft Excel, Email, PDF, and the Open Document Format

•design additional custom reports easily

•custom report dialogue and scripting capabilities

•the optional e-mail manager permits you to send custom e-mail communication to your patients.

Our reports and forms manager can create the following:

•simple listing

•simple groups

•nested groups

•master-detail-sub detail


•multi-column list

•multi-column band



•sub reports

•side-by-side sub reports

•interactive reports

•cross-tab reports

•add-in-objects (ole, richtext, barcode, chart)

•dialogs and scripts

•save report in various export formats ( MS Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.)




Ask A Question gives quick answers to your questions

Easily produce ad hoc reports

Complete ad hoc reporting flexibility is provided via our Ask A Question module which permits you to easily ask any question you want and quickly get an answer.

Filopto Eye Care manager - Ask a Question module


You can query on any combination of data in the system.

Using an English language syntax you can easily compose your question and get immediate answers. Fully incorporated into Filopto and fully configurable by you, this tool can create, store and re-run any query on any single or multiple table in Filopto.