Ask a Question

Ask A Question gives quick answers to your questions

Easily produce ad hoc reports with Ask a Question

Filopto’s Ask A Question is a complete English language ad hoc reporting tool giving the end user the flexibility in getting questions answered.  The Ask A Question module  permits you to easily ask any question you want and get answers quickly. Using a simple english like syntax, users can formulate simple or complex queries to get answers quickly. Ask a Question - Filopto eye care practice management system A simple sentence like Patient Names starts with the letter “B” will list all patients meeting your criteria. If you can formulate the question you can get the answer.

You can query on any combination of data in the system. Using an English language syntax you can easily compose your question and get immediate answers. Fully incorporated into Filopto and fully configurable by you, this tool can create, store and re-run any query on any single or multiple table in Filopto.  Export the result into Microsoft Excel for further analysis or save the query for use in the Filopto Report builder giving you the ability to refine or extend your query.

The Data Dictionary Builder allows users to create their own data dictionary that they then use to query and answer their specific questions. Quick Access to all of the Filopto tables, with Ask a Question you can find the answers to your questions.  To get you started a number of comprehensive pre-build data dictionaries come standard with Filopto.

From the novice user to the advanced programmer, Ask A Question is designed with you in mind. It lets you easily create, print, save or export the information you need when you need it.