Good Customer Service is Key to success!


Your appointment scheduling software is one of the first impressions you can give to your clients.  Make it an enjoyable experience!


From the first call, your patients will be determining their first impression of your office. Make it a good one by using Filopto!  The Filopto Scheduler provides you with quick and easy-to-use tools to answer your patients’ questions and provide the appointment and service they want.  The patients’ first impressions of your practice should be of professionalism and organization. Fumbling through paper is no longer acceptable.

Patient Appointment Scheduling software has never been easier!

Flexible, intelligent scheduling. Easily customize schedules by provider, resource or location.  Filopto’s Appointment Scheduler allows you to quickly find patient appointments and increases your efficiency in managing patient appointment requests. The Appointment Scheduler allows you to optimize the provider’s time by matching appointments to the provider’s customizable appointment scheduler and matching appointments to the provider’s pre-defined appointment type time slots.

You and your entire office share side-by-side appointment schedules and patient information at your fingertips. Filopto’s Patient Appointment Scheduler is flexible, fast and easy to use!

Our money-making Patient Scheduler can help you fill your exam lanes easily — while handling no-show’s, late arrivals, waiting list appointments, walk-ins and emergencies. Easily view, schedule and change appointments any way you like.  Schedules are laid out graphically, similar to a paper appointment book, but with electronic efficiency. You can customize the Scheduler to accommodate multiple providers, exam rooms, technicians, locations, days of the week and other work criteria.

Our Scheduler supports Time Blocks allowing providers to schedule their time and the appointment types they wish to see for a day, a week, a month or a year.  By being able to schedule providers efficiently, you can maximize productivity and grow your practice.

You can even extend the Scheduler to the Web by using our Web Appointment service that permits you to offer your patients better customer service by allowing them to schedule an appointment with your office  from their home or work.

 Scheduler Features

  • Unlimited number of Providers
  • Appointment Information
  • Patient Information
  • Financial Information
  • Telephone Caller
  • Find available Appointment Time
  • Find Patient Appointment
  • Windows drag and drop
  • User definable time slots
  • Provider Time Block
  • Multi-providers
  • Waiting List
  • Color-coded Appointments
  • Status with icons
  • No Show
  • Patient cancelled
  • Patient has arrived
  • Patient in EMR room
  • Patient in Dispensing
  • Patient has left
  • User Configurable

Web Appointment Features

  • Fully integrated within Filopto
  • Receive appointment requests automatically
  • Fully HIPAA security compliant – Full 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Define what appointment times are available
  • Automatic updates of available appointment times on Web
  • User define appointment types
  • User has driving directions to your office via a Web Map
  • Supports customized look via Web CSS templates

Web Appointment