Filopto Support Options

Accra Med Software Inc. is here to help you maximize the use of Filopto

In addition to the comprehensive support program that insures that you have access to the latest updates and the help that you expect, the support team provides both functional and technical support. Your support needs are resolved quickly and efficiently through our friendly help desk. Accra Med Software Inc. also offers other complementary services that can help your Practice. They range from Custom Services such as training, transition, data conversion and equipment linking to Data Protection and advanced WEB services such as Online Web Appointment and hosting your web site (see the associated sections for more information). 


Filopto Built-in Remote Support

Filopto is easy to learn and use, but sometimes a question may arise. To answer your questions, Accra Med Software provides an extensive help manual for easy reference and an unlimited support option to its clients. Filopto comes with a built-in remote desktop help service for quick and easy access to a technician.  Using the remote support option, you can give access to the technician who can address any question you may have or provide you with the help you need quickly and effectively.

Filopto Remote Support Help Service



Filopto Web and Phone Help Desk

Contact us by phone or enter your own service request with a service ticket for fast and personalized service. Filopto WEB and Phone Help Desk get you help when you need it.  The friendly help desk web interface lets you enter, track and search the FAQs for quick and easy access to the information you seek as well as permits you to enter your own service request.  The help desk has a built-in, auto e-mail status, messaging, reply and tracking mechanism of your service request. This ensures that your request is taken care of as soon as possible.


Accra Med Software strives to make your Filopto usage an enjoyable experience!