Februrary 28 2012 5PM AST

ACCRA Med Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Filopto 9.0.


Our new web site introduces our latest Filopto 9.0 version, which includes numerous refinements and new services.  This new site is expanded with a redesigned Client section containing the latest updates, FAQ, Community Forum where users can meet, exchange ideas and ask questions, an on-line help service and much more.

Filopto 9 is using the latest technology tools and can now be used on most tablets and smartphones that support the Microsoft Remote Desktop technology (iPad, Android, Linux, Windows, etc.).  It has also been tested on Windows 8.0 and is ready for use when Windows 8 becomes available.

Faster is always better!  We have updated the Filopto database engine allowing you the ability to access more memory and to use the full speed of the faster 64-bit processors resulting in faster data access.   The 64-bit Firebird database engine will be installed by default (unless you are using a 32-bit server operating system in which case the 32-bit version will be installed).

Beyond speed improvements we are introducing a new user customizable EMR, which continues to support voice and handwriting recognition out of the box (included in Windows 7). The new EMR supports the USA ONC Certification requirements and the module for tracking and reporting your measurements to the US government will be available immediately upon government certification.

The new Invoice module is a mix of new and old, resulting in a simplified module – easier to use with access to the fields you require.

The new Scheduling module introduces added flexibility and new features.  Our expanded Web appointment service connects directly in the scheduler for ease of use.

In the next couple of months several new tools will become available, such as the certification module for the US Meaningful Use Requirements, a telephone and SMS reminder service, just to name a few. See our catalogue for more information.

New services available today are the MedicalCoder Assistant with the ICD9 to ICD10 Translator service and the Filopto Claim Scrubber service. These services can help you optimize your claims and reduce errors – meaning you get paid faster.

We have also updated our on-line backup service for easier use by clients with additional enhancements scheduled during the year that will reduce even more the Internet bandwidth you will use to make your backups – saving you more money!

Our new Product catalogue (attached) contains a complete listing of the new modules and services being introduced with Filopto 9.0.  Note the expanded diagnostic equipment support, which should cover over 90% of available diagnostic equipment just by using our simple connectors to the various manufacturers’ equipment interfaces such as Topcon, Zeiss, Marco and Synemed.

And to make the install and updates easier, we are introducing an automated update feature that can check and install updates as required.


Take the opportunity to review the Filopto Catalogue and see how Filopto 9.0 is set to better serve your needs!