Update Inventory price with One click

The Inventory Pricing Rule Manager permits users to easily and quickly update all of their inventory prices using a single mouse click.  By creating Pricing rules, you can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to update and manage your Inventory items.

Located in the Inventory Manager the “Calculate the Items pricing using the Pricing Rule” button permit users to apply the new pricing they have defined to a group, class or the whole of the inventory in one simple click.

Auto Update Inventory Prices

The “Calculate the Items pricing using the Pricing Rule” button reviews each pricing rule defined by the user and based on the rule logic applies the pricing to each affected inventory item/service.  User can define an unlimited number of rules and each is applied per the rule sequence defined by the user.

For example; a user could define a global rule that increases all prices for all inventory items/services by 3% and make the price only effective on the first day of the next month.

To learn more on how to setup the Pricing rule review the help file https://help10.filopto.com/pricing-manager.html for more details on how to activate and create pricing rules.