A common question asked is “Can I connect my Diagnostic Equipment to my EMR/EHR system?”  With Filopto the answer is a simple Yes as long as your equipment manufacturer permits it.

Filopto already supports many different connectors from many different diagnostic manufacturers, as new equipment is released most manufacturer release the specifications required to permit the connectivity to their equipment allowing us to program the connector for the device.  However, some older device models may not have been designed for connectivity, or offer very limited connectivity options.  Therefore it is best to contact the manufacturer and make certain the equipment you are purchasing or trying to connect to offers some form of connectivity.

Accra Med Software Inc. work with many manufacturers and supports many existing devices.  You can contact us to find out if your model and version is currently supported.  If it is not and it supports connectivity we can build the custom connector required to connect your device.  Below is a partial list of the devices and manufacturers we currently work with.  If you do not see your device or manufacturer contact us for a quote for a custom connector.


Connectivity to Diagnostic Equipment:

Filopto supports several Diagnostic Connectors from various organizations such as :

Zeiss Connector for the Zeiss Forum

Topcon Connector for the EyeRoute Synergy Ophthalmic Data Management System

Marco Connector for the devices connectivity offered by Marco

Synemed Connector for the Synemed Advanced Imaging system

Peridata connector for the Peridata imaging system

Heidelberg Connector for the Heidelberg Engineering HYEX system.

 In addition we also support some specific connectors for other equipment such as (Partial Listing):

– ARK-700A

– ARK-730A

– ARK-10000

– LM-500

– LM-600

– LM-1000

– LM-1200

– LM-1800

– NT-500

– NT-2000

– RKT-7700

– OPD Scan 3

– TonoRef II

– TRK-2P