Tired of reminding people that a report has arrived?  With Filopto it is easy to make certain that users see important documents as they arrive in the office.  With the PaperFree module, users can scan or save clinical reports, for example, to a patient file and identify the employees that have to review the document and automatically notify them that the document is ready for their review.

The PaperFree module allows any document, data or multi-media file to be stored in the patient file. By simply selecting the “Notify Employee” button when storing or editing a PaperFree document, the user can quickly identify the employees that need to review the new document.

By attaching users to the Notify list, Filopto will display the selected document to be reviewed on the users’ Filopto Home page screen.  Located at the bottom of the Filopto Home page, in the “Documents to View” section, any document that has a notification for review will appear and it will remain there until the user views it.

When the user selects the document for viewing, Filopto automatically records that the user(s) has viewed the selected document giving a log of when the review was done.  Once reviewed, the document is automatically removed from the users’ list of Documents to View.

This simple tool can save precious time ensuring that the individuals who need to see or review a document are notified and that the document is easily available to them.