Using the Eye on Your Business tool permits managers to easily get an overview of how the business is doing.  This automated business assistant data mines the information in your Filopto database to give you an analysis of trends, growth and things that need your attention.  The real-time analysis gives you an up-to-the minute view of how your business is doing.

The manager/owner simply enters the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of the Staff and Providers that your business employs, then Eye on Your Business analyses and calculates various trends and ratios that indicate how your business is doing.  It even evaluates trends indicating where your attention may be needed.  Managers can even change the analysis criteria by entering their own ratio and performance threshold limits.

The analysed data is displayed in an easy to understand dashboard with numeric, historical and graphic formats permitting an easy interpretation of the results.  Users can even print the analysis results for later review.

For an even more detailed analysis, Filopto provides extensive pre-built customizable reports as well as fully user-created custom reports to answer your unique questions.   With the Report editor, users can refine their analysis using tools such as the Cross-tab reports that analyses and summarizes data into easy to understand information.

Users can also customize the list of reports shown in Eye on Your Business to only show the reports important to you and your business.

Filopto has all the tools and reports you need to effectively monitor, analyse and grow your business.

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