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The right Eye Care technology can help you conduct business efficiently and adapt your practice to change, all with cost savings. Filopto offers optometry tools that are designed to save you money, increase efficiency and provide the best patient eye care possible.

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Filopto Eye Care software

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Filopto advance dispensing and Inventory system

What we do

Filopto provides you with the tools you need!

Filopto is the right tool to help you through this rough patch. These times require change and adaptation. Rising patient expectations, increasing expenses and the need for automation are just a few of the reasons to consider a proven solution that can reduce your business costs. See how Filopto can optimize your business and improve your efficiency while improving patient care!


Advanced Customizable Exams

User Customizable EMR templates that pre-load patient data and default settings. Supports touch, dictation and pen recognition. Save time when entering exam information!


Advanced Patient Engagement

Maintain Patient retention with a workflow designed to better serve them:  auto-reminders, recalls and lab order notifications using SMS-Text, email, phone and more! 


Solid Management Tools

Advanced Management tools such as Eye on your Business, PaperFree, Family Scheduling, Inventory Management, Pricing Manager, auto-update, backups and more! Tools to increase efficiency so you can focus on what is important!

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