This version has 2 new features, 2 improvements and 11 bug fixes.


You must be running Filopto 10 to use this updateIf you have not yet migrated to Filopto 10, gives us a call (1-888-321-0441 option 1) and we will schedule and help you migrate to Filopto 10.

2 New Features
  • [FIL-501] – Display on the Windows Taskbar a minimised view of the open screens.
  • [FIL-4503] – Credit Memo: Ability to close or cancel a credit memo
2 Improvements
  • [FIL-4579] – Update to the Remote Help service Version 5.0.14
  • [FIL-4612] – RXTerm – March 2018 update
11 Bug Fixes
  • [FIL-4583] – EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 07DBA974 in module ‘tmsexdXE7.bpl’. Read of address 000002CC.
  • [FIL-4590] – EMR Manager:  EMRs with no required sections to be completed are showing as not completed, in the list of “EMRs that are not completed (in the last 30 days)”
  • [FIL-4592] – Contact Lenses Prescription:  When copying from OD to OS(or vice-versa), also copy Name Brand of lens
  • [FIL-4593] – Rx expiry date – auto setting
  • [FIL-4596] – EDatabaseError: IBODocumentContent: Type mismatch for field ‘DOCUMENT_FILENAME’, expecting: Memo actual: String.
  • [FIL-4598] – EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 50BDDD17 in module ‘dsnap210.bpl’. Read of address 00000000.
  • [FIL-4609] – EJumpListItemException: JumpListItem exception: Error -2147024891 Adding Category Add-ins.
  • [FIL-4610] – Unable to add a local add-in
  • [FIL-4611] – (Canadian Edition) Unable to send to Alberta Health
  • [FIL-4618] – EMR:  Posterior Segment Images: Unable to save an image to disk
  • [FIL-4619] – EInvalidOperation: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.