This version comes with 3 new features, 7 improvements and 11 bug fixes.


You must be running Filopto 10 to use this updateIf you have not yet migrated to Filopto 10, gives us a call (1-888-321-0441 option 1) and we will schedule and help you migrate to Filopto 10.

3 New Features
  • [FIL-4500] – Invoice: Refund: Ability to specify the amount for the credit memo being created as a refund
  • [FIL-4805] – Documents To View: Ability to edit the notes.
  • [FIL-4806] – (USA Edition) EMR: E&M Code Verifier: Ability to edit the Medical Decision Making section
7 Improvements
  • [FIL-2105] – Medication Search: Make it resizable by user
  • [FIL-4496] – Invoice: Ability to close an invoice if it’s a negative balance due
  • [FIL-4794] – (USA Edition) EMR: Automatically save the EMR when opening the E&M Code Verifier or the Billing, in the EMR
  • [FIL-4803] – LOINC 2.64
  • [FIL-4811] – EMR: Glasses History: Make grid field entry possible without need to open calculator screen
  • [FIL-4816] – Display more screens in the Windows Taskbar.
  • [FIL-4835] – RXTerm – June 2018
11 Bug Fixes
  • [FIL-4776] – EListError: List index out of bounds (6).
  • [FIL-4782] – EListError: List index out of bounds (-2).
  • [FIL-4785] – EDatabaseError: IBORecalls: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.
  • [FIL-4795] – EMR: Ocular Motility: The notes are overlapping the top of the image.
  • [FIL-4796] – EMR: Visual Acuity: Missing Help button icon
  • [FIL-4800] – Referring Physician: Cannot select “Type of Physician”
  • [FIL-4807] – EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 00D8A0E0 in module ‘FiloptoCore.exe’. Write of address 000003D4.
  • [FIL-4814] – EDatabaseError: IBOFourth: Field ‘FILOPTOCLAIMNO’ not found.
  • [FIL-4826] – QuickBooks Desktop Connector: Not all invoices are transferred.
  • [FIL-4831] – EListError: List index out of bounds (1).
  • [FIL-4834] – Exception: There are no connections in the transaction.