What’s new in Filopto 10

Filopto 10 has something for everyone! Learn about some of the new features and improvements available in Filopto 10.

Speed and easier to use interface and improved security are but three of the key improvements you will notice from the get go. Filopto 10 has been built on top of Windows 10 to make full use of the new speed and technologies it brings.

The user interface has been modernized and adapted to Windows 10.  Most key activities are significantly faster to complete.  Screen access are faster and more responsive.

The database connectivity has been rewritten and uses the latest in CPU capabilities and data communication which makes Filopto snappy when using the latest equipment and operating system.

Ease of use has been improved by using the new tools made available In Windows 10.  We have redesigned screens layouts for ease of use and made some intelligent to make completing a task easier.  For example you will notice in the invoice that to complete the task of making an adjustments, refunds etc. is now super easy.  Using intelligent Wizards we can direct the user in completing the required task properly without needing any accounting knowledge.

Filopto Help ManualTo simplify the use of Filopto the user screens have built-in context sensitive help to make learning how to use Filopto simple.  Click on the help icon to get instant access to the help related to the activity at hand.  If you want to learn more, the help manual has over 900 topics and includes full text search capability. more than 10,000 key words ready to locate the information you want.

Security has been enhanced with a new Tab structure. The new tabs have been refine to provide a more granular control on who can access what in Filopto.  The user security has been completely redesigned for easier management and greater flexibility.