Accra Med Software Inc. is proud to announce the release of the FILOPTO 10 Eye Care Business Practice Management Software for Windows 10.

Filopto is an intelligently engineered and reliable platform for managing your eye care business and storing your patient/customer data.

Filopto 10 brings a modern, expandable computing experience to your business.  Filopto 10 introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience, and networking capabilities – with the goal of offering our customers a business focused Eye Care Practice Management system designed for today’s modern businesses.

Re-written from the core up to take advantage of the latest operating systems’ enhancements and devices (Client/Server and Cloud), Filopto 10 is faster, smarter and more flexible than any previous Filopto version. As always, you will find that many of our client’s suggestions have been incorporated in this NEW version of Filopto.

Accra Med Software Inc. wishes to thank all of our clients for the many suggestions that helped shape this version and for their continued support of Filopto.

Filopto Team