Access Filopto from Anywhere

Use at any location


Safe, reliable, and secure because your in full control.  

Connect to Filopto from anywhere in the world.  Using the latest technology from Microsoft you can connect via the Internet and access your Filopto server instantly.  Using the latest Windows server built-in Remote Desktop service you have access to your Filopto Eye Care Practice Management system from most devices and platforms available today. You have your own Private and Secure Cloud solution.

If you are using a different or older version of Windows server activate either the Remote Desktop service or Direct Access service and you have just created your own private and secure cloud that is accessible from anywhere.

Filopto also support the Citrix remote desktop cloud solution if you do not want to use the Windows solution.

Once your private cloud is activated, you can easily connect and run the Windows Remote desktop app from multiple device types giving you direct access to Filopto.

Microsoft provides a Free Remote Desktop app for Windows, Apple, IOS and Android.  Other third party apps are also available for the listed operating system as well as for Linux.

Filopto works with Microsoft, Apple, Android and Linux

Free Remote Desktop app are available at the

Windows APP Store

Available from Microsoft for  Apple

Available at the Google Play Store