Accra Med Software Inc. is pleased to announce that on October 3, 2018 its Nova Scotia Claim MSI eLink connector was the first claim connector to be certified for use by NS-MSI for the upcoming December 15, 2018 claim system upgrade required for uploading claims.   NS-MSI is retiring the old stand-alone NS-MSI client software.  After December 14, 2018 usage of the old MSI eLink client software will no longer be permitted. 

The new MSI eLink upload methodology has been fully integrated into Filopto with full verification by NS-MSI resulting in Accra Med Software Inc.’s Filopto claim connector, being the first connector approved for use by NS-MSI.  The new NS-MSI integrated solution is being delivered in the Filopto October update.  On December 15, 2018 this new claim upload connector will automatically start working making the upgrade process transparent for our clients.

One of the important benefits is that with the new Filopto integrated NS-MSI connector, users will be able to submit claims from any device running Filopto.  You will no longer be restricted to specific devices as required by the old MSI eLink solution.

Accra Med Software Inc is an industry leader in the Eye Care Practice Management systems serving North America since 1994.  The Filopto MSI claim connector permits AccraMed Software Inc. clients to upload their claim for processing and retrieve payments made by Nova Scotia MSI.

Filopto supports NS-MSI claims