This version comes with 2 new features, 11 improvements and 14 bug fixes.


You must be running Filopto 10 to use this updateIf you have not yet migrated to Filopto 10, gives us a call (1-888-321-0441 option 1) and we will schedule and help you migrate to Filopto 10.

2 New Features
  •  [FIL-4651] – (Canadian Edition) Nova Scotia MSI:  Add a button to open the MSIeLink web interface from the insurance company profile
  • [FIL-4689] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health:  Ability to only view the last 60 days of “Claims Batches”, “Assessment Results Detail” and “Batch Balances”
11 Improvements


  • [FIL-4626] – Scheduler: Improve the performance
  • [FIL-4627] – Employee Scheduler: Improve the performance
  • [FIL-4644] – Contact Lenses Prescription: Display the Brand Name in the soft contact lenses prescriptions list and the hard contact lenses prescriptions list
  • [FIL-4646] – Documents to be viewed – ability to save on list for later review
  • [FIL-4647] – Home-view documents to review – add ability to open patient file
  • [FIL-4659] – Recalls Manager: Add the notes to the grid, so that they can be printed with the list.
  • [FIL-4674] – Accra Backup Service Update version 4.4.963
  • [FIL-4675] – NEW Accra Backup Service Ransomware protection installed on your PC to safeguard your backups on the backup servers
  • [FIL-4685] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health: Display the “Claims Batches”, “Assessment Results Detail” and “Batch Balances” with the most recent on top.
  • [FIL-4688] – RXTerm – April 2018
  • [FIL-4690] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health: Display the Alberta Health Assessment Results Detail file timestamp
14 Bug Fixes
  • [FIL-4484] – Password screen – delete character and you meet requirements
  • [FIL-4624] – Invoice: When entering an insurance payment, the check/reference number is not saved
  • [FIL-4636] – EReadError: Stream read error.
  • [FIL-4638] – EInvalidPointer: Invalid pointer operation.
  • [FIL-4640] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health: Claims are not being submitted
  • [FIL-4641] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health: Claim information not visible on creation, before first clicking in an edit box
  • [FIL-4655] – Unable to add new appointment type
  • [FIL-4658] – Invoice: Invoice not recalculating properly after voiding an item, when clicking on the “Recalculate Invoice” button
  • [FIL-4660] – Invoice: When the Windows text size is set to 200%(or higher), the bottom of the invoice screen is not displaying all the information.
  • [FIL-4665] – EHYException: Unknown plugin InvoiceListPlugin.
  • [FIL-4668] – Scheduler Settings: An error occurs when opening the Scheduler Settings
  • [FIL-4669] – Scheduler: The page for the appointments to reschedule is initially shown, even if there are none and the tab is hidden
  • [FIL-4671] – EMR: Cannot manually add to the Review of Systems.
  • [FIL-4673] – EIBCError: validation error for column “CREDIT_MEMO_AUTHORIZATIONS”.”CMA_IDX”, value “*** null ***”.