This version comes with 5 new features, 3 improvements and 3 bug fixes.


You must be running Filopto 10 to use this updateIf you have not yet migrated to Filopto 10, gives us a call (1-888-321-0441 option 1) and we will schedule and help you migrate to Filopto 10.
5 New Features
  • [FIL-3731] – Patient File:  Ability to enter and modify allergies outside of the EMR
  • [FIL-4154] – TransNational Payments direct credit card processing now supported via Filopto payment screen
  • [FIL-4861] – Contact Lenses Prescription: Ability to assign the brand name to both left and right eyes upon selection
  • [FIL-4866] – Inventory Manager:  Ability to export the content of the grid to Excel
  • [FIL-4936] – Ability to add and view allergies from EMR medical Rx
3 Improvements
  • [FIL-4927] – Filopto Peridata Connector now supports Peridata version 3.5
  • [FIL-4935] – RxTerm – September 2018 update
  • [FIL-4940] – Filopto support upgraded to version 5.0.19
3 Bug Fixes
  • [FIL-4563] – EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 082B7A28 in module ‘dxLayoutControlRS21.bpl’. Read of address 000003A8.
  • [FIL-4914] – EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 61E54BC9 in module ‘EmployeeLibrary.dll’. Read of address 000002D8.
  • [FIL-4942] – Scheduler:  When changing the end time of an appointment within the scheduler(by dragging the end time up or down), the end time is not saved to the database, and could only be changed in the appointment screen.