This Filopto update includes 2 new features, 3 improvements and 2 bug fixes. Update now to benefit from the latest changes.


You must be running Filopto 10 to use this updateIf you have not yet migrated to Filopto 10, gives us a call (1-888-321-0441 option 1) and we will schedule and help you migrate to Filopto 10.

2 New Features
  • [FIL-6042] – updated Live Remote Help to version 5.2.6
  • [FIL-6052] – EMR: Ability to mark an EMR as cancelled
3 Improvements
  • [FIL-5681] – Inventory: Ability to specify which packages that will not print the package items on the invoice
  • [FIL-6046] – Live Remote Help updated to version 5.2.7
  • [FIL-6062] – (Canadian Edition) Alberta Health: March 2020 Schedule of Medical Benefits
2 Bug Fixes
  • [FIL-6060] – EMR: Layout not always saved when locking an EMR
  • [FIL-6067] – Insurance Payment: Under certain circumstances, a user is unable to apply a payment on only one item of a claim, if the claim has more than one item