Filopto will automatically notify a user of important messages such as tasks assigned to them as well as a message sent by a user to them.  These messages appear in a box located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

By default, these messages are displayed for 30 seconds every 5 minutes until they are viewed and cleared.  Filopto administrators can go into the system settings and change the default behaviour of the message box display.

However, if you are an end user, how do you get rid of the message box?


  • If the message is from another user, the box will display an Open Message Manager link on the message box that allows you to quickly view and acknowledge the message. Simply place a check mark in the “Message read” field and the message will no longer be displayed.
  • If the message is from the Task Manager, two links will be available. The first is the “View task” link, which will display the new task assigned to the user.  The second is the “Mark task as viewed” link, which will automatically place a check mark in the task screen saying that you acknowledge the task, thus removing it from the Message box.

These simple actions can quickly remove any message displayed for the user, while ensuring that users are made aware of important information.