Introducing Filopto Eye Care Practice Management System


The right tool can help you trough any rough patch. These times require change and adaption for your practice.  Patient rising expectations, increase expense and the need for automation are just a few of the reason to consider implementing a new software.  See how the right Optometry tool can help you.

Advanced Patient Engagement

Retain and Grow your Patient base!

Supports SMS-Text, Phone, Email, Fax and regular mail communication

Auto-Recalls, Auto-Reminders and Auto-Lab Order Notices

Patient Education, Custom Handouts with patient handout tracking

Recall Manager, Communication and Marketing Manager

Advanced User Customizable Data EMR

Supports user defined custom templates with           Pre-loaded Data,

Supports Touch, Dictation, Pen Recognition and Diagnostic Equipment

Supports PaperFree document Manager

Supports Code Verification, Custom prescription, Exam and letter forms that you can tailor to meet your unique needs.

Advance Billing Features

Invoice integrates with QuickBooks and supports Bar coding with real-time Inventory

Invoicing support user custom invoice, prescription and receipt templates

Lab Orders Manager integrated in the Invoicing for easy tracking of patients orders status

Claims support all USA claims (Apex connector) as well as Canadian claims connectors such as (OHIP, MSI, Alberta, Manitoba and BC)

Extensive Financial reporting with user customizable reports

Eye On Your Business Dashboard

Eye on Your Business provides key indicators on how your business is doing.

The easy to understand dashboard and reports provide volumes of key information so you can Manage and Grow your Business.

Advanced Inventory Tools

Real-Time Invoicing that supports Bar coding, Purchase Orders, Time-sensitive pricing, PaperFree inventory document management

Advance Inventory tools such as Frame Management and the Pricing Rule Manager that supports Charm Pricing and over 29 different pricing models with 1-click pricing update

Advanced Reporting, knows what sells and what does not, Integrates with QuickBooks

Linkable With Frames Data, Track Lab Orders

Time -Sensitive Price Promotion Manager to help you make that Sale!

Advanced Patient Tools

Comprehensive Patient File, Household List, Patient Financial history, Purchase history, Medical history, Claims history, Patient Notes, Alerts & Warnings

PaperFree Manager – Helps reduce your dependency on paper

Advanced Patient Scheduling, Patient Waiting List, Family scheduling tool, Next available appointment, Multi-user Multi-office schedules,  Patient in-office tracking, Doctor Time Scheduling tools

Flawless Patient Communication

Filopto is designed for easy Patient communication that helps you retain and grow your business.  Communicate the way Patients want;  via SMS-text , email, telephone and more. Keep in touch with Patients via the auto-recalls, auto-reminders, auto-Lab order notification, newsletter, sales notices.  Grow you patient base with the built-in Communication and Marketing Manager and help your patients understand your directions with the Educational Handout Manager.    Patient appreciate receiving the right communication in a timely manner, in a format made for them.


Several independent reviews have shown significant increase productivity for Managers (75%) and Doctors (50%) alike.


Designed for easy connectivity. Filopto is at ease with third party software such as QuickBooks or with the diagnostic equipment you are using.


Features to lower your management cost, make you efficient and help you provide excellent customer service.


Find your answers quickly with a simple to use interface and Eye on your Business financial dashboard. A responsive interface makes you efficent and saves you money!


User customizable with easy to change reports, forms, picklist, dropdowns as well as customizable EMR templates with the ability to pre-load your exam data saving you time.

Simple User Interface

Workflow based screens to make it simple to complete every task saving you time and money!

Most users can start using Filopto immediately!

Connectivity you need

The world is connected and Filopto is also connected.  Our numerous connectors makes using your other tools easy.  We connect to SMS-Text, QucikBooks, Diagnostice Equipment as well as several Claims processors such as Apex, OHIP, BCE, MSI and more.

Documented and Supported

Simple to use On-screen help, Unlimited Live support via Internet and Phone with a fully document help file makes learning and finding things easy!

When users can easily find what they want, It increase efficiency and lower wasted time.


Free Updates

Always kept up-to-date with the built-in auto-updater.  With no update management, it means Time savings for you and your staff!

Filopto also offer an auto-backup service simplifying even more your management effort and making certain your are compliant with your legal requirements.



World-Class Productivity

Filopto workflow design makes learning Filopto easy and the many built-in wizards increase your users productivity while making data entry a breeze.  The many automated tools also contribute to the increased productivity you can expect when using Filopto.

Fast & Easy Work

EMR custom templates that pre-load default data. Support for Touch, dictation and pen-recognition makes data entry simple.

Create Result

Extensive reporting via easy to understand Dashboards and reports that you can customize to your needs.


here are some of the comments our clients are saying!

I’ve used other software in previous optometrist practices and believe this system to be the simplest and most comprehensive optometric software available.

Dr. L. Testa O.D.


The willingness of the support team to help and work with us is one of the main reasons we chose Filopto.

Office Manager, Raymond Opticians

I wanted to thank you on behalf of our whole team for helping us get started with Filopto….Thanks again for your excellent assistance and pleasant and professional style. It is much appreciated. 

Dr. Jerry Nolfi MBA

Co-Founder and Executive Director,

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