Windows 10 has a feature called Jump List and Task Bar thumbnails which allows users to quickly jump to another application or another open Windows or open program.  Filopto makes use of the Jump List and task bar thumbnails to permit easy navigation from one Filopto Windows screen to another open Window in Filopto.

To use the Jump List simply move your cursor over the Filopto icon located on the Windows task bar and right click the icon to display the available Filopto options and windows. 

To use the Task bar thumbnails, move your cursor over the filopto icon on the task bar and thumbnails will be displayed of the open Filopto Windows.  Select the Filopto Thumbnail you want to navigate to and the selected window will be displayed.

This simple navigation tip can save you time and show you how many windows you have open at any given time.

For more information view Jump List and Task Bar Thumbnails in the Help file.