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Accra Solutions Inc.’s product suite, Filopto, services the optical store, optician, optometry, and ophthalmology eye care practice management software market.

Filopto Vision Care software is Proven reliable We love software and providing the tools our clients needs.  We like innovation and making things easier for our clients. That is why we continue to design and program Filopto using our clients suggestion and recommendation for making Filopto great.  We are focused to provide a great user experience. We want our clients business to grow and that is why we designed Filopto to offer all the tools required to keep an analytical “Eye on your Business”, Filopto includes tools for appointments, patient files, patient recalls, EHR, EMR, dispensing, scheduling, invoicing, claims, inventory control and much more.  The Filopto Eye Care suite of products gives you the upper hand in managing  and growing your business.

Our innovation and focus on quality has made Filopto recommended and described by Users, Eye Care Experts, Consultants and industry leaders such as INTEL;  a modern easy to use, comprehensive, robust, reliable solution.  It is also recognized as being built using today’s leading Eye Care Practice Management software and computer technology. The built-in auto-updater technology and auto-backup tool makes keeping the software up-to-date and keeping your data safe a breeze!  Call Now to learn more on how Filopto can help save you time and money!

When you use Filopto, you are using a proven software solution that is continually evolving and that can meet your everyday needs reliably every day.  Accra Solutions Inc. has served the eye care industry since 1994.

Filopto Values

At Accra Solutions Inc, we strive to lead in the creation, development, and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced Eye Care Practice Management Software for optical stores, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.  We want Filopto to help your business grow and be easy to use. Our clients suggestions continue to fine tune and provide new and exiting ways to do things faster, better and more efficiently.

Our attitudes toward customer service, we really want to help you, your not a number with us, you are our partners and we truly want to make Filopto the best software you ever used.  Our constant focus on people make us what we are today.  We welcome the suggestions from the opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists as well as their staff on ways to improve the product and make it better for them.  We want to program the software that you want to use.

We translate the current advanced technologies available into value for our customers through our professional solutions. We continually respond to changing markets, changing business practices and the evolution of technology. A successful response to change continues to be essential to our long-term success. Visit Filopto’s Product Feature page to learn more.

Our forward-thinking business philosophy has remained constant and ensures our clients receive a product able to meet their needs today and tomorrow.  Accra Med Software’s comprehensive vision eye care software is the strategic edge that enables many retail outlets, optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians to serve their clients effectively and with professionalism in this competitive eye care industry. We are pleased with our success and are excited by our quest for excellence and the opportunity of working with our customers.

Serving the North American Eye Care Industry since 1994

Filopto Eye Care Software

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Accra Med Software inc is headquartered in Moncton NB Canada

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Filopto Vision Eye Care software is built by Accra Med Software Inc.