Filopto Product Features

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System offers advanced product features and modern workflow that makes it easy and simple to use.

Filopto Eye Care EHR and practice management software by Accra Med Software Inc a complete solution that helps improve clinical decision-making, enhance patient care, and empower doctors to operate a profitable eye care practice. optometry business

From Single-office to Multi-office Filopto can grow with you. Filopto optical practice management software facilitates multiple practice independence while providing users with the greatest level of visibility and control over all the branches of their organization. All business metrics across the group are available centrally in real time.  Eye on your Business dashboard can analyze and show you one office or all offices.   Authorized users can have access to all the data or you can limit the data they can access. Users do not need to learn anything new, since the interface is the same from office to office.

Patients can move freely between branches in the group. User access security is managed by the comprehensive Employee & Security Manager that can limit any access to any system section/module or branch office information. Inventory can be managed by office or from an organization view and management capability.


Filopto LE

Filopto LE is designed for a single location optical, optometrist or ophthalmologist office. From small to very large office settings, Filopto LE base eye care modules are easily expanded to meet your growing needs!

Filopto DE

Filopto DE is a two-location system. Start with the Filopto base module and add the optional eye care modules you need to customize it the way you want.

Filopto EE

Filopto EE Enterprise Edition is designed for an unlimited number of eye care office locations. From large optical, optometrist or ophthalmologist office environments to eye care chains, Filopto EE will meet your needs.

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Efficient and Comprehensive

Filopto has the features you want and need for optimal workflow and efficient practice management.

Filopto offers multiple configurations and add-ons that allow the user to shape the PMS to their needs. The fully integrated process means that relevant information can be shared from pre-screening to consulting room to dispensing, eliminating rekeying and reducing the margin for error, without the need to pause the process to retrieve information from physical records, other staff members or third party systems.

The Filopto Eye Care Practice Management core modules are all about customer service.  Easy access to your Patient files, EHR /EMR, and other information. Flexible multi-level patient Recall/Reminder system that can be tailored to your unique needs. The recall system is designed to maximize your potential patient revenue from return customers. Proven to be even more effective with the inclusion of SMS/text. The advanced recall module tracks and ensures that patients receive consistent optical care while maximizing the practice’s potential revenue from repeat patient patronage. The Patient Engagement / Automated Messaging service automates the sending of recalls, appointment reminder, lab order notifications and more via the communication medium you want.

Filopto also incorporates a marketing platform that allows users to create letter templates that can be merged with patient details, and then target specific groups of customers, filtered by age, spending habits, last appointment, prescription, and so on. These marketing campaigns can be delivered by traditional printed post, email and SMS text message.

To better serve your patients our PaperFree module permits you to easily store all file types from documents and images to video and sound files into the exam and patient file. The authorized users across the various branches have direct, searchable, access to the various documents stored. The PaperFree notification feature allows users and Providers to be notified of the receipt of a document for their review. The user Task Manager allows users to track task assigned or entered as not to miss important patient contacts or actions to better serve your customers.

The advanced EMR screens use a user define custom exam template interface adaptable to your unique needs. The EMR captures your exam findings, record your prescriptions and billing information and instruction for claims and staff.  The exam includes other key features such as patient educational material that can enhance the patient visit. The Exam integrated optical diagnostic equipment connectors can retrieve and store the data, image or generated file automatically.  The Exam module can track exams status providing Providers to easily review an exam at a later time. The Unlimited Custom Report and Form Manager supplements the already extensive reporting and forms provided by default, allowing users to customize or build their own unique report or form.  Filopto offers a full complement of reports and forms allowing users to track the progression of all aspects of their optical practice. Each report/form is grouped under headings referring to the aspect they reference for easy retrieval and use.

The comprehensive Scheduler is the appointment booking tool that offers multiple views of the practice, as defined by the user. Daily, weekly and monthly views can be filtered by Provider and multiple-offices.  Track usage of consulting rooms or scheduler by Providers/users. The scheduler makes it easy to track patient status and location throughout your workflow. The scheduler has many tools to make it easier to serve your patients. The WebScheduler online appointment service integrates customer websites with the Filopto Scheduler module, allowing patients to log in, see available time slots and book appointments, based on the live practice scheduler. This feature is available to patients 24 hours a day from any PC, tablet, or mobile device with internet access.

Appointment times are highly configurable, allowing the user to choose the days for the consultation, standard appointment lengths, regular break times, annual leave blocks including time slots for meetings or block time periods. The Auto Appointment features make life easy by searching for the optimum available time slot, based on the patient unique time requirement.  You can easily book a complete family at once with this tool. Filopto wants to make the patient visit an experience that is both satisfying and professional.

Filopto offers a complete set of Inventory product tracking management modules that makes administrating all goods and services offered by the practice easy. Stock items such as frames, lens, sunglasses and solutions can be recorded and edited individually or by groups.  Non-stock items such as fees or contacts can be individually priced and tracked for delivery to the patient. With the order notifier feature it can automatically, based on your workflow, notify the customer that their order is ready.

The Inventory items information are extensive and include size, shape and colour to name but a few.  Pricing can be unique for an item, category or group and can be tailored for each unique office. Filopto permits different pricing strategies and sales pricing based on office, effective date or user defined patient plans. Create custom sales or promotions using the Inventory tools available by default.

The Inventory can track cancelled or returned items to vendors, replenishment orders that are triggered when stock levels drop below user defined quantities.  Coupled with our PaperFree module you can save documents related to a specific item or by vendors.  Sales are automatically tracked by Vendor for easy reference when vendors come calling. The Inventory Package option allows users to group multiple items and fees into one item for easy billing at invoice time.

The inventory system is fully integrated with the Invoicing system and Lab Manager you can easily track items and see where in the delivery workflow they are located. The lab module is flexible and allows for returns, exchanges, remakes, repeats, and more.

The Advanced Invoicing/dispensing system is designed to facilitate the Providers handover to dispensing. Users can select either the automatic exam billing and prescription feature or manual billing option for ease of use.  This permits dispending staff to spend more time guiding the patient in their purchase choice than creating an invoice.  The dispensing module supports barcode and is fully integrated with the Inventory tracking, Pricing module, Lab Order Manager that makes it a breeze to provide the customer invoice and order in a timely manner.

The auto Claims Module uses the information from the exam and invoice to prepare the claim for review and submission. The Claims manager allows users to track and address claim issues. Filopto Claim connectors supports both the CMS 1500 claims and Canadian Claims connectors.

Work from anywhere

Safe, reliable, and secure

Connect to Filopto server instantly from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Using the latest Windows Remote Desktop service or the Citrix remote service you have access to your Filopto Eye
Care Practice Management system from most devices and platforms available today.

You have your own Private and Secure Cloud solution.

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System includes an advance EHR with Patient image management and more 	optometry fee schedule optometry prescription

The integrated EMR gives you all the tools to record your exam findings ! The user customizable templates support voice and pen recognition for easy data entry.

Financial Management

Providing the features and tools for efficient and effective financial control and decision-making

With the standard “Eye on your Business” module, you can stay in touch with the pulse of your business – what is selling, what is working and what needs your attention.

Filopto provides you with extensive financial, accounting and reporting information from invoicing to payments and claim submissions, as well as inventory and sales management.

With over 600 pre-configured and customizable reports and forms, Filopto provides you with the tools to easily manage and grow your business.

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System integrates many partners solution including QuickBooks, TransNational epayments (credit card processing) Optos, Hoya, Zeiss, Nidek, Topcon, Marco  and more 	r/optometry computer optometry tools

Easy and Simple Management

Filopto product features offers numerous tools to make Managing your Business Simple

  • Eye On your Business: Financial real-time overview of how you are doing
  • Patient Dashboard: easily see the money owed and key patient information
  • Alerts / Warnings , To-Do notifications : keep you and your staff on top of important Items
  • Paper Free: manage your paper or multi-media documents easily
  • Graphic EMR: from image and document management to graphing key indicators (IOP/Vitals and more)
  • Reports/Forms: Custom reports, forms, letters at your fingertips
  • Financial Records: easily track, monitor and store key financial documents and informations
  • Built-in Auto Update: automatically updates all your devices so that you are always running the latest version
  • Auto Backup service:  Automatically backup your data as well as any other key information

… and more

With Filopto you can relax knowing you have the right tool for your growing business!

Filopto Product Features offers advanced Patient File management with Eye on your Business dashboard analytics to easily see how your eye care business is doing optometry business optometry business plan

With Filopto you can use the device you want. Filopto supports the traditional Local (on-site) Client/Server devices as well as remote Cloud base installations.

Connectivity / Integration

Open, Integrated and Connectable

Filopto Eye Care Practice Management solution recognizes that you use other tools and Filopto does not lock you in.

Filopto is an open solution that connects and plays with other programs and devices.  You can call any Windows program or Internet program from within Filopto or go directly to a website from within Filopto.

Filopto supports and connects to such tools as QuickBooks, various diagnostic equipment and talks with other office tools such as Open Office and Microsoft Office.

Filopto works with many partners to give you a complete solution. 

Stay connected.  Review our partners list to see the flexibility of Filopto.

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