Pricing Options

Host Filopto on your own dedicated server/private cloud system or on your off-site dedicated and managed private cloud service

Filopto is an integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management and optical management solution that is affordable, cost-effective and simple to use.  You can choose  the hosting option that best fits your needs and security requirements. Filopto is at home on your local private server,  just as well as on a dedicated cloud server. Regardless the hosting solution chosen you get the same Filopto eye care system and features.   Filopto eye care optometry and optical software for Windows is ideal for ophthalmologists, eye care professionals and retail optical locations wanting a simple and easy-to-use system to manage operations.

Filopto’s open source technology provides a comprehensive feature-rich system designed to support single or multiple locations.  The integrated security allows you to manage your business the way you want.  Our support is exceptional and our goal is to bring you the best value in optometry / optical software and support.  What that means is high quality, reliability, simple-to-use software along with an experienced support team that can answer your questions and meet your unique needs.  The solution is designed to be affordable, whichever pricing option is chosen.

Intel study #1 finds time saving of up to 75% for Manager

Intel study #2 finds Doctor can see 50% more patients each hour with Filopto.

Subscription / Rental Service

Host the solution on your own dedicated on-site private server and built-in Windows cloud system.  The benefit is you are in full control of all aspects of your system.   Using the built-in Windows private cloud service you can access Filopto from anywhere via the available secure VPN Internet connection.

Get Started today, the base Filopto configuration starting at $166/mth

Private Cloud Service

The benefits of an off-site and managed private cloud solution is it is that it removes the administration and updating of the server while storing your data physically separate from other Cloud solutions. Filopto is always accessible via a simple and secure VPN Internet connection. 


Get started today with your own dedicated private cloud solution starting at $399*/mth .

  • price does not include the Filopto application.


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