Filopto System Requirements

Download a copy of Accra Med Software Inc. Filopto Practice Management System Requirements

The Filopto system requirements should be considered as the minimum required, recognizing that enhancements to the listed minimum will improve speed and performance of the system.  Filopto uses the client/server software model for maximum efficiency and scalability.  Microsoft lists minimum system requirements for its operating system, we recommend that they be enhanced for acceptable performance.

Download the: Filopto 11 System Requirements

Please contact us with your questions. It will be our pleasure to provide some free guidance on appropriate equipment for your environment.

Minimum Requirements

Single User / Client Workstation


Operating System*
  • Windows 11,10* Pro 64-bit or higher editions only*
  • Mac OS using Parallel emulator or Remote Desktop
  • IOS, Android using Remote Desktop
  • Open Document or Microsoft Word (used by communication & EMR module)
  • Small Offices can use a PC advanced / workstation grade device with Windows 11 Pro* (Windows 11** does not provide the features of Windows Server)
  • Medium/Large Offices should use Windows 2022, 2019 Server* (essential, standard, datacenter editions) **

Open Document or Microsoft Word (used by communication & EMR module)

Processor – Higher the rating, better the Performance
Multi-core processors will provide better performance since they can process more than 1 task at a time. Rating web site:
Higher the rating, better the Performance
Minimum 8,000+ Passmark
Today’s PC have Passmark rating of about 18,000-38,000
Higher the rating, better the Performance
CPU rating of 8,600+
(Higher better)
RAM memory See Recommendations in PDF   8-16 GB desktop  16-32+GB Server
Video Resolution Resolution  1980 X 1080 Resolution  1980 X 1080
Hard drive
Faster the hard drive, better the performance


Free Hard Disk Space and speed  Requires 50+ GB free available Hard disk space


    • Slow – Sata 3 – 5400 RPM – not recommended
    • Average – Sata 3 -7200 RPM – max. speed 180MBps
    • Fast SDD Hard drives – Sata 3- 550MBps,
    • SAS -15000 RPM  – 1500 MBps – Business class
    • Fastest M.2 NVMe drives – 7000MBps

    Server storage requirement: 5 GB for the program and 50+ GB for your patient file database ( for best performance an additional 3 time the storage size of your patient file database)

Printer Yes
Data Backup Unit or Service Yes
N/A  Recommended Recommended
Firewall Recommended
Antivirus / Anti-Malware

Windows default anti/malware solution Recommended


Server requires: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Operating Systems*

Microsoft Server operating system have typically a practical 5-year life from the date they have been release. Windows 10 end of Life is October 2025.  Accra Med Software Inc. cannot support an operating system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Starter and Home editions of Windows are not supported due to their built-in limitations.

SERVERS *  Windows 11, 10 can be used as a peer-to-peer server in small installations. However, note that the windows operating systems have built-in limits to the number of connections (users) they can support. If you intend to use Windows desktop as a server software, be aware of the limits Microsoft imposes.


  • Backups: Accra Med Software offers a remote backup service for your office or you can use some other off-site backup tool.
  • Internet Connection: High-Speed Internet connection (Cable/DSL), the help file requires an Internet connection to be viewed.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): Required (HIPAA) if transferring or using Filopto over the Internet. Consult with your certified IT professional to determine which VPN solution is best for you.
  • Printers: Any Windows compliant printer
  • Scanners, Diagnostic Equipment: Any Windows scanner that will scan directly to.PDF format or save an image
  • Barcode Scanner: Any keyboard wedge / USB barcode readers compatible with Windows
  • Digital Camera, Diagnostic Equipment: Any digital image can be labeled, annotated & linked into a patient’s electronic medical record as if the image can be saved as a JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIF format.
  • Firewall: Consult with your certified IT professional to determine which firewall is best for you.
  • Anti-Virus: Recommended, numerous vendors are available – recommended Windows included Anti-Virus/malware solution
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): Servers should be UPS protected to ensure reliability and security of your data in the event of a power fluctuation or failure.