Patient Management

Filopto provide you with a Professional image by being organized!

Manage your Patient files and charts with ease.  Our comprehensive Electronic Patient Records (EHR/EMR)  capture every aspect of a Patient Chart and File and can give your patients the professional image of a well organized and managed practice.

IDC Canada research suggests that $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year due to a worker’s inability to find the data they require to do their job.

That’s a lot of money wasted—wouldn’t you like to have that back? Filopto’s Patient Management feature helps you organize your information in an electronic health record (EHR) that is easy to use and easy to locate. The information of a patient is centralized and accessible by all at any time.

Save Time, Reduce Customer Wait, and Provide Better Customer Service.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) include all of these benefits and more. By providing a professional and efficient service, patients will want to come back! Filopto provides you with the tools to improve your Customer Service and become more efficient.

Some of Filopto’s Features:

  • Paperfree – Store all of your paper work in a centralized filling electronic system that is easily accessible.  Lower your cost by having less paper and save time by not having to search for a lost paper file.
  • Alerts & Warnings – Get Filopto to alert or warn you a important information related to a Patient.  No more sticky notes!
  • Task Manager – Have Filopto keep you up to date with the things you need to do.  The task manager is your personal to-do list.
  •  Patient Engagement & Automated Messaging – send recalls, appointment reminder, lab order notifications and more automatically,  via Text, Phone and email. Includes patient response notifications.
  • Message Manager:  Need to leave instructions for staff!  by using the message manager you not only can ask a question to staff but leave them instructions so that your practice function properly.
  • Manager: Keep communicating with your patients, send reminders, newsletter or other communication to your patients via e-mail.
  • Customized Patient Communications. Quickly create personalized patient letters, newsletters, postcards, routing slips and labels. Integrates with Microsoft Word for additional capabilities.  Communicate with your patients via email, if desired. (See our Financial Section – Patient Communication Manager)
  • Picture Me:   make your patient Shopping Special!  With Picture Me you can help your Patients make the right choice by letting them see themselves wearing the glasses of their choice.


Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management system provides you with advanced patient scheduling tools required to grow and manage your business. Optometry Scheduler Optometry Business

EMR Module

Comprehensive and user customizable the EMR module for Optometrist and Ophthalmologist provides the tools you need.  The EMR exam module provides you with organized electronic records  using a user customizable EMR layout manager.   You have the flexibility of being able to have unlimited custom templates. Being able to customize your exam templates provides you with extreme flexibility in recording your exam findings.  The EMR module for Optometrist and Ophthalmologist  also supports dictation, hand writing recognition, medical coder with scrubber service and  connectivity to your diagnostic equipment


Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Managmenent system provides you with the EHR image management tools required to manage your patients exams. 	optometry eye exam 	optometry ehr
Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Managmenent system provides you with the patient management tools required to grow and manage your business effectively. optometry billing and coding

Comprehensive and simple to use are the key to the Filopto Electronic Health Records (EHR).

From the moment your patient calls your office for an appointment, Filopto is at work giving your staff the information and tools they need to make your patient’s appointment comfortable, efficient and personal. From retrieving key patient information, medical and financial alerts, scheduled appointments, insurance information and account balances – all are available at your fingertips.

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Managmenent system provides you with the patient prescriptions (Rx) management tools required to grow and manage your business. optometry ehr optometry canada

Comprehensive, Historical Prescription Management is built-in to Filopto.

Manage your patient prescriptions from the patient File to the Invoice Screen or EMR Chart. Always available at your finger tips you can save not only ti

Good Customer Service is Key to success!

Your appointment scheduling software is one of the first impressions you can give to your clients.  Make it an enjoyable experience!

From the first call, your patients will be determining their first impression of your office. Make it a good one by using Filopto! The Filopto Scheduler provides you with quick and easy-to-use tools to answer your patients’ questions and provide the appointment and service they want. The patients’ first impressions of your practice should be of professionalism and organization. Fumbling through paper is no longer acceptable.

Patient Appointment Scheduling software has never been easier!

Flexible, intelligent scheduling. Easily customize schedules by provider, resource or location.  Filopto’s Appointment Scheduler allows you to quickly find patient appointments and increases your efficiency in managing patient appointment requests. The Appointment Scheduler allows you to optimize the provider’s time by matching appointments to the provider’s customizable appointment scheduler and matching appointments to the provider’s pre-defined appointment type time slots.

You and your entire office share side-by-side appointment schedules and patient information at your fingertips. Filopto’s Patient Appointment Scheduler is flexible, fast and easy to use!

The multi-user scheduler is customizable for every provider, supports time blocks ,Patient waiting list,  web appointments, find next available appointment time,  patient status and location tracking  and much more.

Invoicing / Billing / Claim / Dispensing

Filopto’s Dispensing, Invoicing, Claim and Billing module provides the features required to keep track of your financial transactions.  Designed for Optical stores, Opticians, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist, it keeps you in control of your business.

Starting with the real time Inventory and sales options such as the Picture Me option to help close that sale,  to connectivity with the  QuickBooks connector, to supporting e-payments and credit cards ,  Filopto is designed to properly document, track and speed up your check out process.  Comprehensive and directly connected to your Inventory it can help you manage effectively your office.

Product Features