Patient Engagement & Messaging


Good patient messaging is crucial for patient retention.


Filopto’s Eye Care system fully integrates the tools you need for automated recalls, automated appointment reminders, automated Lab Order Notification including patient communication and marketing.   

Supports: SMS-Text, email, fax, telephone, regular mail

In today’s digital world you need the digital communication channels that your patient are using.  Filopto provides you with these tools so you can retain, engage and grow your business.

optometry appointment recalls
Advanced patinet Engagement Features with auto Recalls, Reminders, Lab Order Notices
Filopto patient messaging tools are effective and easy to use


Our appointment reminders are proven to increase revenue while reducing missed appointments and no-shows.



RevSpring is integrated directly within Filopto to compliment your existing workflow and keep the reporting right where you need it:

Filopto Patient Messaging services are personalized to the patient


Your Caller ID is displayed.

Messages are specific to a patient’s appointment details.

Filopto patient Messaging services are interactive to to assist the patient


Our premium service gives you phone, text, email, and mobile app messages as a single, interactive platform.

Patients can respond with “Confirm” or “Reschedule” keywords that initiate actions.

Recalls via SMS Text
Filopto Communication and Marketing tool permits easy patient engagement and retention
Filopto supports SMS Text, Email, fax, mail communication channels

Filopto Communication / Marketing and Patient Messaging is key to growing your optometry business.

Filopto’s Communication and Marketing Manager extends the basics Filopto features to permit you to create the custom notices, newsletters, sales campaigns and other key communication channels you need to engage, retain and grow your patient base.  By engaging your Patients you can retain and better server them.  You can also extend the Communication and Marketing Manager by using Microsoft Words which can share your document creations data to provide ease of use and personalized items.. By giving you the tools like SMS-text, email, fax, mail and more you can let your creative juice flow and create the digital communication you want.  Retain and Grow you patient base with Filopto.

Accra Med Software Inc.  has partnered with RevSpring Healthcare division to provide the modern digital tools you need to optimize your Patient Engagement & Messaging effort.