Filopto can automatically send appointment reminders, recalls notices or Lab Notices to patient via phone, email or text messages. Filopto appointment reminders are proven to increase revenue while reducing missed appointments and no-shows.

Fully integrated directly within Filopto Eye Care Practice management system to compliment your existing workflow and keep the reporting right where you need it, Filopto automated Patient messaging service makes keeping in touch with your patients easy.

You just need a mobile phone number or email for each patient you want to contact to start sending your messages.

The first step is to subscribe to the service. Activating it is simple. Enter your account information and select the service you want to activate. You have 3 options that you can activate as you need:

  1. Appointment reminders will look at your patient appointment scheduler and use the appointments listed in the scheduler to send your reminder messages to your patients. Send as often as you want.
  2. The Recall service will use your recalls records you created in Filopto to call or send a recall notice to your patients.
  3. The Lab Order notification service will send your message based on the notification flag placed on a patient lab order. Once the flag is activated Filopto will take care of the rest. Your notice to the patient that their order is ready for pick-up will be automatically sent for you. Freeing up valuable time from your staff.

Extensive reporting on the messages you sent is built in to let you know who is requesting a re-schedule or confirming the appointment. The messaging service is user customizable so that you can tailor the message you are sending to reflect your office style and requirements.

Create a better experience for your patients and staff by contacting us on how you can benefit from the Filopto Text Messages and Automated Messaging service with your patients!

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Filopto Eye care Practice Management system can automatically send appointment reminders, recalls notices or Lab Notices to patient via phone, email or SMS Text messages. Optometry Text Messaging