When using the Filopto time clock feature, users can view and verify the time recorded for their pay.  The Employee time log is a quick way for users to check and ensure that the pay record will be correct.

On the Filopto home screen, every login user has direct access to their Employee Profile via the My Profile button.

Filopto Employee Profile gives access to the Employee work time log

When the user profile screen is selected, a user can make any necessary change to their employee records such as a changed emergency telephone number or address change.  In addition, under the Time Log tab users can view the recorded time logs entries, they have created via the Filopto Time Clock.

Filopto Employee Profile provides a listing of the hours worked by an employee when the time clock is used

The Time Log tab screen permits users to search and view the time logs entered for the time period they selected.  If your employer has provided the edit and Add a Time Entry, option you can easily go in and add new time records or modify an existing record to correct a time entry.

in the Time Log grid at the right of the time entry record is located a View/Edit Hours detail which displays every time entry recorded for that day.  Users can navigate in the grid and make the required corrections to a time entry.

The Add a Time Entry button allows for manually creating a time entry in the end user time log database.  The user must select the time period they wish to create and manually create the time entry.  A note section permits the user to provide comments on the reason for this additional time log entry simplifying the payroll process.

This simple and direct access can help you review your time logs and help your payroll clerk in preparing your pay.