The optional Employee Scheduler module permits user to quickly verify when employees are absent or not available.  The out-of-Office employee list appears as a separate tab in the patient scheduler.

Having the ability to quickly view and confirm if an employee is available to meet with a patient or supplier can save having to reschedule an appointment/meeting.

The employees time blocks created in the Employee scheduler are summarized and displayed in the Patient scheduler under the Employees: Out of Office tab.

Employees Out of Office Tab

The employee time blocks to indicate and employee is Out of Office or unavailable. This list can display a variety of time blocks such as vacation time, out of office appointments for a specific  period of time or for the whole day.  The reason for being unavailable is not displayed to protect the privacy of the employee.  The out of Office events are listed in descending order with todays Out of Office personnel shown first in Yellow. 

Employees Out of Office List