Accra Med Software Inc. a Eye Care industry leader and the maker of the Filopto Practice Management software is proud to be included in the June 2020 list of The Best Optometry Practice Management Software Programs To Demo in 2020.

LinchPinSEO a digital strategy organization for some of the largest brand in the world has listed in its June 2020 BUSINESS OPERATIONS & PLANNING blog “Filopto” from Accra Med Software Inc as one of the best Optometry Practice Management software programs to demo.

The blog states there are many benefits when it comes to implementing optometry practice management software within an office’s day-to-day operations. Here are just a few key benefits they found:

  • Practice management software solutions tend to be very user-friendly.
  • Practice management software can help to enhance the performance of office staff.
  • This software is known to improve the office’s operations overall. These systems are very efficient.
  • Practice management software is extra beneficial in medical settings where the flow of patients is continuous, such as in the case of most optometry offices.
  • Saving time is one of the biggest benefits of this type of software because optometrist offices are very busy places with a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done to keep it all running, from appointment confirmations to marketing.
  • Many practice management systems have functions that aim to improve the overall experience of the patients, such as helping them to pay bills or make an appointment in a more convenient way.
  • The use of a practice management system has been shown to increase the PROFITABILITY of a clinic. For example, the Virginia Eye Institute increased its appointment revenue by $1.6 million after implementing an optometry practice management system, according to one case study.

The Best Optometry Practice Management Software Programs blog states “…this type of software would be entirely focused on the unique needs of an optometrist office setting and the functions therein. This may include functions such as sending patients notifications to pick-up their eyeglasses and providing them with eye-care specific educational information, in addition to the standard functions such as scheduling and appointment reminders ” all of which Filopto includes.  They further state:   “Filopto is an eye care/vision practice management system designed to help eye care businesses run smoothly and grow. They serve optical stores, optometrists, and ophthalmologists. Some of the features provided include patient record-keeping, invoicing features, claims processing, and also features a business dashboard.”

They also list some items Filopto offers to their clients:

  • Yes, a free demo is available on their website.
  • Yes. The company also offers complementary training services.
  • The subscription-based option starts at $166/month+.
  • Yes, this company offers a range of support services including remote support services built into the solution, and a web-based help desk, along with the option to contact support via phone.
  • Mobile app?: They have an app included in their patient messaging feature.
  • Where is the software hosted?: There is a software as a service (SaaS) option, a traditional software option, and a private cloud option.

To Learn more on how Filopto can help your business, we invite you to Try the Free no obligation Filopto Demo on our web site at or call 1-888-321-0441 ext 200 for more information and schedule a Free no obligation Live Demo where you can get all your questions answered.


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