The Filopto Rolodex feature located on the “Home” tab permits users to easily locate a contact information.  The Rolodex regroups all contact information contained in Filopto in one easy to use place.

Find the contact information for a Patient, or Provider, or a Pharmacy, or your local handyman quickly.  Contacts are organized by type and sorted by Lastname for easy retrieval, a user can quickly locate the required information.

Contacts are alphabetically listed.  Users can select the alphabetical/numerical tab listing contacts. The “All” tab option displays the list of all contacts for the selected group.

Filopto Rolodex

The Rolodex automatically list all contacts based on the information entered in Filopto during normal use of the software.  As well,  for certain groups such as Other Contacts a user has the ability to create their own unique entries such as for a handyman, plumber, electrician etc..

The Rolodex permits users to select various views of the information such as the Active Patients or Non-Active Providers by simply choosing what data to display. This feature allows users to hide contact information for contacts that are no longer relevant or in active use.

Filopto Rolodex Advanced Tabs

The Rolodex also permit users to add New entries in the database by using the New button to record the information for the local Plumber or emergency service person servicing the office.

Rolodex Custon Contact Feature

The Rolodex is a versatile and easy tool that can save time when searching for basic contact information.

For more information see: Rolodex in the help file. or to learn more on Filopto visit