Filopto is designed to Grow with you!

As your needs change and your business grows, Filopto makes it easy for you to add remote offices and key features to make your business more productive and reduce your work load.

Filopto offers many modules and services that can help reduce your workload while increasing your contact with clients.  For example the Patient Engagement Servicee can automatically send text messages, emails or make phone calls to your patients advising of appointments, or that their orders are ready.

The multi-office feature can easily connect your remote offices and provide Filopto to multiple locations. From the Filopto Duo ( 2 offices) to the Enterprise version (unlimited offices) can easily expand your Filopto office to several locations. 

The virtual office feature allows you to control your own on-site private cloud giving you access to Filopto from anywhere.

To learn more on how Filopto can help you Grow!

Call the Filopto sales team or download the Filopto Brochure ans see the features and services available to make your Business  Grow!

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