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We LOVE software and Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System is a business-focused, modern, proven, easy to use and complete eye care office / EHR / practice productivity solution to help maintain and grow your eye care business –  We are Leader in Vision Eye Care Practice Management solution for optical stores, opticians, optometrist and ophthalmologist practices.

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management system and services are built with three key objectives in mind:
1) make it easy to use and intuitive with a smart design, providing a great user experience (Built-in auto update and auto backups service)
2) make it rock solid and fully integrated with its scheduler, Patient file, EHR, inventory, lab orders, billing and more
3) make it comprehensive and affordable

With our built-in Eye on Your Business dashboard, you can easily see what is working and what needs your attention. We offer tailor-made cloud or on-site hosted solutions with subscription and purchase options that meet your budget and needs.

Optical Stores

Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System is designed for Optical stores managementPut your best foot forward with the state of the art Filopto 10 Vision solution as your Business Manager.  Clients will see you are organized and professional. Manage your Inventory with our P.O.S. system and get real-time information on your sales. Find out what is selling and what is not!  Schedule your staff and providers, and most of all maximize the return of your store


Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System is designed for Optometrist Customer Service is the key to success. Filopto Vision solution provides the tools to project professionalism and provide outstanding service. From easy-to-access patient records to efficient invoicing and claim processing, Filopto has you covered. With its built-in Eye on Your Business dashboard – quick and accurate financial information is at your fingertips to assist in managing every aspect of your business.


Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System is designed for Ophthalmologists Patient charts at your fingertips, integration with your existing software and diagnostic equipment, are just some benefits,  Comprehensive EHR-EMR charts, easy claim processing to ensure you are paid promptly. Filopto Vision solution provides you with the tools to increase your office productivity and run your practice efficiently.

I’ve used other software in previous optometrist practices and believe this system to be the simplest and most comprehensive optometric software available.

Dr. L. Testa O.D.

“Filopto has been a true asset to our practice and honestly a joy to use, but since adding automated patient messaging via texting… it’s even better! 

We are confident that it has reduced the frequency and number of “no shows” at our office. 

Patients seem to appreciate the reminders (twice before each appointment) and there have been zero complaints from the patients. 

Our staff loves it too! Calling to remind patients of appointments had become a chore and it’s been totally eliminated! The staff simply makes sure they have entered an accurate cell phone number for each patient and the rest is automatically handled by Filopto and RevSpring!!  

It’s truly amazing.”

Dr. Stacy Davis


Intel study #1 finds time saving of up to 75% for Manager

See Article

Intel study #2 finds Doctor can see 50% more
patients each hour with Filopto.

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The willingness of the support team to help and work with us is one of the main reasons we chose Filopto.

Raymond Opticians

Thanks.  Just want to say how  awesome your company is and what a blessing  you  have been to us.

Dr. Hieneman O.D.


The staff is really digging 10!!!  

Dr. R. Subler O.D.


I wanted to thank you on behalf of our whole team for helping us get started with Filopto….Thanks again for your excellent assistance and pleasant and professional style. It is much appreciated. All the best.

Dr. Jerry Nolfi MBA

Co-Founder and Executive Director

My practice is always evolving so I often make suggestions that would make Filopto an even better tool for me.  When the next update arrives many of my suggestions have been incorporated!

When you use Filopto, you get a company that listens to its customers.

Dr. Sandler Burkley O.D. P.A.

Filopto offers a complete method of recording your work, and easy access to review. No one system is perfect, but this is as good as it gets!

Dr. D. E Wyatt, MD

Testimonials & Reviews

Our focus is our clients and it shows!  Filopto get’s rave reviews from users and industry leaders.

“The technology …
has allowed us to increase from 2,100 office exams a year in 2012, to 3,100 exams in 2015, an increase of more than 47%, and an overall business growth of 8% last year (doubling average practice growth), without adding office hours or staff .”

Filopto and Intel provide excellent results for Eye care practices

Intel Case Study

Dr. Lisa Testa O.D.

Filopto and Intel provide excellent results for Eye care practices

“We were looking for a single system that would allow us to access and report on our information,” says Larone, who estimates she’s saving 75% of her time. “We’ve seen a time saving of almost one staff person, freeing me up to do other things.”  ( learn more…)

Intel Case Study - T Larone


 Filopto Eye Care Vision Practice Management System is continuously improved - Continous Improvements

Continuous Improvements

We are always listening to your needs and respond with regular auto-updates that contains new features, and request based on Customer Feedback.  Your suggestions are important and you benefit with a valuable solution listening and responding to your needs.

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