Filopto can consolidate your inventory into manageable groups for analysis or reporting on items.  Find what groups of items are selling, in-stock or need your attention.  Built-in inventory reports are available to report on groups of items by Type, Vendor, Manufacturer, custom Categories and custom Groups.

Located in the Inventory item screen / Stocking tab users can create their own unique categories and grouping of items.

User can use custom categories and group inventory items to efficiently track specific items groups of interest. Creating your own unique and custom categories and groups allows users to drill down into items details or summarize a group/category of items for analysis or tracking purposes.

Being able to drill down into your Inventory data can assist in optimizing and maximizing your inventory.

The key is to properly plan your categories and groups naming convention to reflect the information you wish to track. Once you have categorized or grouped your inventory, Filopto offers a series of built-in reports based on your custom categories and groups that can be beneficial.  Custom reports can also be created to track the key indicators you want to track.

To learn more, on How to use Grouping in Inventory see: Stocking Tab (