Filopto Inventory Pricing Manager automates the application of pricing strategies via defined business rules for your inventory items and services.  Flexible and comprehensive the pricing manager permits you to define over 25 different combinations, such as the charm rule, to apply when calculating the retail price of an item or service.

The charm rules permit you to pre-define how a retail price will end.  For example, you could have a retail price end with $.99 or $.97 or whatever value will make your clients purchase the item.  Charm pricing is a proven psychological method to entice buyer to make a purchase and is used by all major retailers.

Just add the charm pricing method to your custom pricing rule and the inventory item can be priced precisely as you want, every time.  The many combination of the various elements forming a pricing rule can make your pricing simple and effective. Just select the pricing method you wish to use and complete the easy to complete form and VOILA!  you will get the price you want every time.  You can also use it to adjust exiting prices for inflation or other reasons.

The Pricing rules are flexible and provide over 25 different combinations to define and specify how a price is to be calculated.  Combine these elements with the effective date range that allows you to define various pricing strategies  appropriate for the time period you determine.

Able to support an unlimited number of pricing rules you can truly create simple, complex or unique pricing scenarios to meet your unique needs.  Visit the Filopto help manual to learn more on how the  Pricing Manager can help your business,  at: Pricing Manager


Filopto Inventory Pricing Manager makes managing your Inventory simple